Chaoyang He

Chaoyang He is a Computer Science Ph.D. student focusing on Machine Learning at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. Previously, he was an R&D Team Manager and Principal Engineer at Tencent (2014-2018), a Team Leader and Senior Software Engineer at Baidu (2012-2014), and a Software Engineer at Huawei (2011-2012).

Research Interest
He likes to teach machines to learn how to learn, believing the next generation of Machine Learning system should learn automatically, continuously, and collaboratively. With this goal in mind, currently, he is particularly interested in Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) and its applications on distributed learning / federated learning, platform-aware architecture search / deep model compression, data augmentation, evolving data, streaming data, spatial-temporal data, etc.

For the early academia research career (2019-present), he mainly explores these interesting topics with Tencent AI Lab and Prof. Tong Zhang (HKUST).

Product and Engineering Experience
In traditional computer science domains, he has a strong background in Cloud Computing, Applied Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, and Operating System. He has more than three years of experience in Internet R&D management, leading a team with more than 20 software engineers/researchers to build commercial Internet products. The Internet Products that he worked for include Tencent Cloud, Tencent Maps, Tencent AI in Car, Tencent Games, Baidu Maps, and Huawei Smartphone.

Email: me (at) chaoyanghe (dot) com