I worked as an R&D Team Manager and Staff Engineer at Tencent (2014-2018). Previously I was a Team Leader and Senior Software Engineer at Baidu (2012-2014), and a Software Engineer at Huawei (2011-2012). From these positions, I gained industry-level online product R&D experience in Data Mining, Applied Machine Learning, Large-Scale Distributed System, and Mobile Operating System Development. Additionally, I gained three years of engineering team management experience (10-20 SDEs).

Internet products which I worked for include: Tencent Cloud, Tencent Maps, Tencent AI in Car, Tencent Games, Baidu Maps, Huawei Smartphone.

Beginning in fall 2018, I switched my career track from industry to academia. Now I am a Ph.D. student and Research Assistant in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, United States. I am generally interested in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Large-Scale Distributed System, and Mobile Operating System.

My current advisors are Cyrus Shahabi and Tong Zhang. Cyrus Shahabi is an IEEE fellow, ACM Distinguished Scientist, Chair of CS Department at USC. His expertise includes Data Mining, Database System, and Machine Learning. Tong Zhang is a professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the director of HKUST and Sinovation Ventures joint Computer Perception and Intelligent Control Lab. Previously, he is the Executive Director of Tencent AI Lab. His research area is Machine Learning and and its application on big data.

My current ongoing research in year 2019:

  • Federated Learning (Large-Scale On-Device Distributed Learning).
  • Graph Neural Networks on Large-Scale Social Network Data.
  • Deep Learning for Spatial-Temporal Forecasting.

Recent News

  • 12/1/2018 Joined Tencent AI Lab to work on Large-Scale Distributed Machine Learning
  • 8/2/2018 Joined USC in August 2018
  • 1/1/2018 [Tencent] I transferred from Tencent MIG to Tencent Cloud to lead a Data Mining team
  • 04/15/2017 I accepted a Ph.D. offer from USC
  • 04/15/2017 I received PhD offers from CMU, USC, Georgia Tech, UCSB, Rice, Stony Brooks, and TAMU.
  • 6/1/2015 [Tencent] I was promoted to Team Manager(L1-2) to manage a software development team including 10+ engineers.