Chaoyang He

Chaoyang He is a Computer Science Ph.D. student focusing on Machine Learning at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. Previously, he was an R&D Team Manager and Principal Engineer at Tencent (2014-2018), a Team Leader and Senior Software Engineer at Baidu (2012-2014), and a Software Engineer at Huawei (2011-2012).

Research Interest
His primary research is machine learning. He is particularly interested in large-scale machine learning algorithms which allow a good trade-off between statistical performance and real-world constraints (privacy, security, interpretability, fairness, communication, and computational efficiency). In other words, he is interested in real-world/trustworthy/practical/deployable machine learning problems:

* Decentralized learning/distributed learning/federated learning algorithms and models
* Large-scale graph neural networks (million level graph nodes)
* Optimization methods for large-scale neural architecture search (NAS)
* Related problems in different learning paradigms
(Multi-Task Learning/Transfer Learning, GAN/VAE, Reinforcement Learning, Unsupservised/Semi-supervised Learning etc.)
* Address related problems using these paradigms.
* Privacy-preserving machine learning
* Adversarial deep learning
* Interpretable deep learning
* Communication and computation efficient machine learning
* On-device deep learning

Meanwhile, he has a strong background in Internet industrial level computer systems, including cloud computing architecture, machine learning and data computing platform, distributed systems, mobile computing, and embedded operating system. He has more than three years of experience in Internet R&D management, leading a team with 10-20 software engineers/researchers to build commercial Internet products. The Internet Products that he worked for include Tencent Cloud, Tencent AI in Car, Tencent Games, Tencent Maps, Baidu Maps, and Huawei Smartphone.

Life-long Interest
Startup, Investment, Research (These three represent the most thrilling uncertainty of humans and nature in this world)
(Please don't ask me why I am starting my Ph.D. in my 30s. See, it's one of my life-long interests. I love it!)

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me (at) WeChat ID: TTHarry