Industrial Product R&D Experience

Tencent AI Lab (, November 2018 – March 2019

Machine Learning Center, Shenzhen, China
Research Areas: Large-scale Distributed Machine Learning, AutoML (Neural Architecture Search), Graph Neural Networks

Tencent (, November 2014 – July 2018

Tencent Cloud, Social Network Group; Tencent Maps, Mobile Internet Group, Shenzhen, China
Principal Software Engineer (T3.2-T3.3, the same level as T7 in Google); Engineering Manager (L1-2), led a SDE team including 15+ software engineers
Research Areas: Distributed System, Networking System, Cloud Computing, Applied Machine Learning / Deep Learning, and Mobile Computing.

Baidu (, July 2012 – November 2014

Baidu Maps Location-Based Service, Beijing, China
Senior Software Engineer (T5); Team Leader, led 11 software engineers
Research Areas: Operating System, Cloud Computing, Distributed System, Computer Graphics

Huawei (, June 2011 – June 2012

Huawei Consumer Business Group, Shenzhen, China
Software Engineer for Huawei Smartphone OS


I was a full-stack software engineer and team manager. I have lots of experience in successful Internet product publication. My experience spans nearly all Internet-related software systems development, including cloud computing, distributed systems, machine learning systems, applied machine learning, operating system, and mobile applications. Business domain: cloud computing, automotive intelligent system, autonomous driving, smartphone, Maps/LBS, games, etc

  • Tencent Cloud. 2017-2018
    Worked on business-oriented cloud computing solution; led a team to develop the 1st generation cloud computing solution for the automotive industry.
  • Tencent Venus Distributed Machine Learning System. 2016-2017
    Worked with Shengping Zhou (now CTO@AlphaCloud), developing the large-scale distributed machine learning system for MIG, Tencent. This platform supports various machine learning algorithms and models, including, LR, SVM, GBDT, DNN, etc.
  • Tencent Location Data Computing Platform. 2016-2017
    worked on streaming data mining systems and algorithms; this platform contains billion-level daily users; I learned the entire system architecture and related real-time data analytics algorithms.
  • Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing for Tencent Automotive Operating System. 2015-2016
    This project inspired me to explore ML models, algorithms, and systems; deep learning is very fancy that year; we developed a deep learning model compression engine for our product (at that time, TensorFlow Lite is not released yet)
  • Tencent Games: a Pokemon Go-like Mobile Game Engine 2016
    worked on Unity3D and C++ -based game engine; this is a cross-group collaboration, very fun; I learned a lot of engineering and production culture at Tencent Game.
  • Tencent AI in Car (also called Tencent Automotive Service). 2014-2016
    worked on the embedded operating system (Android/QNX) and related back-end services, including more than 10 applications and system core service, such as WeChat MyCar, Tencent Maps, Tencent Music, Tencent Video, etc.
  • As a Team Leader, I Developed the 1st Generation of Smartphone Navigation SDK, Application, and Service in China (Baidu Navigation SDK). 2012-2013
    Baidu Navigation SDK, Application, and Service is a cross-platform (C++/Java/Objective-C) engine that requires computer graphics (OpenGL ES), routing algorithms (A*, CH), offline and online data compiler and networking service (Hadoop; C++/PHP backend), complex navigation UI message state control and dispatch, cross-platform, layered, and modularized complex system design. I am familiar with all of these core modules.
  • As a Software Engineer, I Contributed to the First Generation of Huawei Smartphone. 2011-2012
    The picture below shows Huawei Ascend P6 (Emotion UI)